One more challenge and a very good post at egst blog

This is my new entry for the European Street Team challenge with the theme water, that is hosted by Rita.

I made a lot of notebooks this summer but this is a special one.

The handwoven fabric of the cover is made with the colors of the sea of my island.

Poros island is full of pine trees so the sea water is not blue but something between blue and green!

You can see more more entries for this challenge at Rita’s blog

You can read also a very nice post about fashion and traditional  greek costumes at EGST blog.
Thank you Amoronia!

My creative space

I would like to make a very special gift to my new niece. I made a lot of internet searching, brainstorming, drawing and finally I made my decision. You can see photos of the process but not the finished item. The only clues that I can give you :

  • handwoven fabric

  • bright colors, different textures
  • decoration and fun!
You will find more about this project  later!!!

…and more creative spaces here!

chalenge +

This was a busy week . I prepared two new listings for my Etsy shop, both of them made for a special theme.
The first one is Just remember spring– brooch made for the European team ‘s challenge.

The challenge was hosting by Petronella and the theme was leaves.

The second listing is a shawl- capelet made for the Etsy Greek Street team’s challenge.

You can wear the brooch and the shawl separately or you can combine them!

Have a nice afternoon!

και κάτι για τα παιδιά

Σε μια πρόσφατη επίσκεψη στο IKEA εγώ αγόρασα ως συνήθως φλις ριχτάρια για να τα υφάνω και οι δυο μικρές μας δυο σκυλάκια.
Σκυλάκια+ φλις= Φλις αξεσουάρ για σκύλους!

Κολάρα…(και  χάντρες αγοράσαμε!)

Κάπα με κεραυνό για το σούπερ σκυλί και φυσικά….

Επίσης δώσαμε ζωή σε ένα ζευγάρι χαλασμένες σαγιονάρες και σε τρία παλιά μπλουζάκια

Δυστυχώς δεν θυμάμαι που βρήκα αυτή την ιδέα, αλλά μπορείτε να δείτε κάποιες αξιόλογες προτάσεις  εδώ