New season

Sadly, summer is coming to an end and we all cannot accept it. Our predictions were right because this season was indeed the best for our workshop. We came up with so many new projects and we really want you to know about them.


First and foremost we participated second year in a row to Gargalianoi Project. We met our old friends, we started cooperation’s and we learnt new things because we participated on seminars of bookbinding and doll-making. Of course, we visited the surroundings and were enchanted by the beautiful Messinia.

20471903_132637014009591_1848780976_n 20471930_1471117382934007_284293531_n 20543223_133220433951249_1121312429_o

A new project is Nina’s House. Nina’s house belonged to our beloved grandmother. What we did was renovated the place, rebuilt it and with the help of our favorite interior designer  Anouck Brinkerink made it a cozy and vintage looking little house. The house is filled with handwoven rugs and pillows, made especially for it. We have visitors from all over the world and they all seem to love it as much as we do.

img_5149 img_4952

We made new collaborations with very talented new Greek designers such as My Greekgames, Neanikon, Ploos and   the Wandering workshop.


Like every year we did again a summer giveaway with the prize being a jellyfish. We had a lot of feedback with much participation.


And how the new season will be? There is a brand new warp on the loom and many meters to be woven. New ideas are coming and we are very excited to make them true.


this summer

Summer 2016 was a difficult season for our family. But it was also really interesting and full of creative ideas.


We summed up our favorite things so you can see them too.

Favorite shape:

The Evil Eye was a trend and we made all kind of things with it. From cushions and covers for stools to earrings and necklaces.

custom made evil eye pillows IMG_2290 work in progress, handwoven wall hanging evil eye cat and fish


Favorite color:

All shades of blue.  We also used a lot of sparkling yarn in those colors.




Custom orders:

We did a lot of orders this summer, mostly personalized gifts. Some of our favorites are frames for a wedding anniversary and  for a baptism and handwoven cushions with names.

custom made frame

pilows fot twins

custom made frame for wedding anniversary

custom made pillow

Favorite Event:

We participated to Gargalianoi Project  among with other handcrafters. In the same time we had the opportunity to travel around the beautiful Messinia, to visit antiquities and to relax on amazing beaches.

Gargalianoi project eco weaving seminar at Gargalianoi project

Polilimnio, Messini Ancient Messini IMG_2007


We want to thank all of you for your love, support, inspiration and the positive feedback that we received throughout this summer. We met again our old costumers and we made many new.

happy costomers with handwoven animals

happy costumer with handwoven cat

This is the  moment of two little happy costumers holding their new friends!



New season is coming…



περπατώντας (με) για τον Σταύρο….

  Πριν λίγες μέρες συμμετείχαμε οικογενειακώς στη πεζοπορική διάσχιση των Μεθάνων. Ήταν μια πρωτοβουλία της φίλης μας Σοφίας στη μνήμη του Σταύρου, που έφυγε τόσο άξαφνα φέτος το καλοκαίρι.Με το Σταύρο ξαναμάθαμε την ζωντανή ιστορία του τόπου μας, εκτιμήσαμε την αξία κάθε ξερολιθιάς, περπατήσαμε σε απομονωμένα ορεινά χωριά και δίπλα σε βυζαντικά εκκλησάκια, μάθαμε να παρατηρούμε γύρω μας και απολαύσαμε πολύωρες συζητήσεις.

Ξεκινήσαμε πρωί της κυριακής από το Μεγαλοχώρι, ανεβήκαμε το αρχαίο πέτρινο μονοπάτι με προορισμό τον πρώτο μας σταθμό το μικρό εκκλησάκι της Παναγίας.

Στη συνέχεια ανηφορίσαμε μέχρι τα εγκαταλελειμένα σπίτια, πήραμε μια ανάσα για να συνεχίσουμε το ανέβασμα ως την κορυφή.

Κατεβαίνοντας συναντήσαμε τον εγκαταλελειμένο οικισμό “Στέρνα του γαμπρού” και συνεχίσαμε ως τον τελικό προορισμό μας, το χωριό Καμμένη Χώρα, που βρίσκεται στους πρόποδες του ηφαιστείου.

Στο δρόμο μας συναντήσαμε…

… λίγα αγρολούλουδα, μια και δεν είχε ρίξει ακόμα αρκετή βροχή….

…πεζούλες, πηγάδια, αλώνια…

…και ένα μέρος από παλιό αργαλειό!