Summer is here!

wooden sea gul and jelly fish

After a nice and interesting winter we can say that summer is finally here and we are already prepared.

The “evil eye” and shades of blue are, once again, a “must” because our customers seem to love them.


This season though, we are planning to use and create with green shades as we are willing to try something different. We have many new creative ideas and we are really excited to make them and show them to you.

new project img_4526

This season’s concept for our window is cactus, especially the prickly pears, a plant that you can find everywhere here in Greece. We love the color (and the taste) of prickly pears!

img_4846 img_4841 img_4844

Also, our family went a trip to Athens for a day and we visited the Acropolis and the museum which is a great source for new ideas and we have to admit we can’t wait to transform them into products.

ancient greece handwoven catsWe have a feeling that this summer is going to be the best one yet.  That is why we are so thrilled about Summer 2017 and we can’t hide this feeling.