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Ηandmade woven items made for our little friends

From Greece with love

A collection of handmade fabrics inspired by Greek traditions.


Unique hand-crafted woven artworks for your home!

Fashion Lifestyle

Clothes and accessories created from woven fabric.


Hand-made woven items for all the special occasions in the year!

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Creative workshops - educational programs

We have designed a series of creative workshops that take place in the ERGANI weaving workshop upon request.


Eco - weaving


Felt beads


Frame weaving / rigid heddle loom weaving




Doll making

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We chose the name ERGANI for the workshop because it was the goddess Athena’s nickname. She is known in Greece not only as the mother of the city of Athens, but also a goddess of craftsmanship. She taught weaving. 

I have always been amazed at the idea that weaving was the first thing that humans discovered to satisfy what must have been one of their greatest needs: to introduce into the basic landscape of their lives what must have seemed miraculous  comfort, practicality, and beauty. Equally amazing is the fact that the way we weave today is more or less the same as it has been throughout the ages, despite the technological advances. It is an art that connects us directly with the past. 

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