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Happy New Year!

We wish you a year with health, love, colors, small moments of enjoyment and joy! A big THANK YOU from all of us also for the support and trust you have shown in the creative experiments of the ERGANI workshop this year. This is the only way we can move forward and grow!  

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Christmas 2021- Window

It's time again to make our Christmas window. The creation of each new window is a process that begins at least one to two months before and always with a question full of anxiety: "what will be the topic of our window this year?". And so begins a creative journey, which is often more enjoyable even than the actual day of completion Ideas always...

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Another summer ended after filling us with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, joy, because we saw our island again alive with peaple, we reunited with our old customers and met new ones, we made so many special creationsand we participated in the exhibition FIRST FLAG, which celebrated the first flag of Greece on the occasion of the...

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