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Christmas 2021- Window

Jan 23, 2022 | ERGANI weaving workshop

It’s time again to make our Christmas window. The creation of each new window is a process that begins at least one to two months before and always with a question full of anxiety: “what will be the topic of our window this year?”.

And so begins a creative journey, which is often more enjoyable even than the actual day of completion

Ideas always come from where we do not expect them: it might be a new design in a product, which excited us and which we want to highlight in many different ways, becoming the basis around which a window is built Other times we might be inspired by an idea we saw on Pinterest at breakfast time. Sometimes, we raise a topic and create a series of products around it.

This year’s idea started from an image we saw on the internet of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa knitting!

So we thought of making a more cubist version of the painting and placing it in a cozy home, surrounded by Christmas pillows and ornaments. The painting was painted by Daphne with some fellow students, whom we thank very much!

Then, the whole team of ERGANI (Maria, Vangelis, Daphne, Zoe, Lydia and Eleni), set the stage in our shop window. We are always very happy every time we complete a shop window and see the smiles on the faces of passers-by and hear your kind words! Photos from shop windows from previous years can be seen on our facebook page.

And let you into a secret: we have already found the new theme for our spring window…

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