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Small Woven Dolls in 4 Christmas Designs

Small woven dolls in 4 Christmas designs.



The small woven dolls are a product we created years ago, when our children were still young and we wanted a doll so small that it could fit in their pockets and become their inseparable companion. We started by making heroes from classic fairy tales and little by little new designs were added. They are one of our most beloved products and, as we constantly create new designs, many of our customers now collect them. It is also a wonderful educational tool for storytelling and role play.

The Christmas series includes: Reindeer, Santa Claus, Snowman and Angel.

They are made of woven fabric and have embroidered details. The weaving has been done on the largest manual loom of our workshop and mainly cotton threads have been used. Each minidoll is unique and has its own personality, which is why there may be a slight difference from those in the photo.

In this series we do not use beads or buttons, so that the mindolls are safe even for babies. Nevertheless, supervision by an adult is required when the dolls are used by children under 36 months.

Machine washable in a moderate program.



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